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Aside from providing new trucks and truck bodies, we provide a large variety of other services too.

A bit About Us

Valew’s quality truck bodies are manufactured at one of Valew’s state-of-the-art facilities in either Southern California or North Texas. Valew's combined manufacturing space totals over 250,000 square feet under roof on over 200 acres of land. All of Valew’s employees are trained in quality assurance are responsible for the dependability of every Valew product. Valew utilizes the age-old concept of assembly lines as well as technological advances to produce high quality products at competitive prices.

fabrication department at ValewValew’s fabrication department uses many advanced machines such as CNC laser cutting units, CNC press brakes, benders and rollers. The advantage of Valew’s CAD programmed CNC machines are precision in engineering, maximizing steel usage and keeping costs down. This department is the first stage of production and is responsible for engineering and producing the raw truck bodies to each customer’s specifications.

Valew’s paint department is responsible for sanding, priming, and painting every Valew body or truck to meet the customer’s needs. Valew sands all bodies to grey metal before using a PPG Industrial Grade Primer followed by a PPG Automotive Paint to ensure a quality, long- lasting paint job. Call Valew and ask us about our catalog of color options for your truck or body. If Valew does not have your desired color, bring in a paint code for the color you want and Valew will match it.

Valew’s assembly department is in charge of assembling and mounting each body onto the customer’s chassis of choice. Once the bodies are mounted, Valew’s technicians will perform a series of vigorous tests to ensure the body operates safely and effectively. Once thoroughly tested, the truck is ready for the customer to pick up or have Valew deliver.

Valew also has additional departments for our customer’s convenience when it comes time to service their trucks. Valew’s parts department keeps a large inventory of stock parts and is open weekdays to accommodate your parts needs. If your Valew body should need repairs, our repair shop is also open weekdays to help you get back on the job as soon as possible.

Do you need a water truck? What about a portable water tower? Dump trucks, flatbeds, stake beds, fuel or lube truck? Vacuum or Oil Reclaimer trucks? Mechanic or service trucks? We build them ALL. Whats more, we don't just build the bodies.. we can help you secure the actual truck itself...whether you select one from our existing stock of trucks, or order one through us (which we get at a discount from our connection with our dealership network)
... we provide the complete custom truck solution.

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